Why You Should Consider a DUI Lawyer If You Get Pulled Over For Drunk Driving

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Consider the following situation. You go out after work with a few friends and have a couple of drinks. You think you are ok to drive home. The cop that pulls you over for swerving thought otherwise. Before you know it you are sitting in a jail cell. You get bailed out and are now facing a serious DUI charge. Right now you have a choice and that is to hire a DUI lawyer or accept the court appointed one. You would be a lot better off in the long run to hire your own. There are a few reasons why.

The one thing you are in danger of losing is our drivers license. An experienced attorney can help you retain it even if it is to drive back and forth to work.

They can also look at your actual arrest a lot more thoroughly. This includes looking unconstitutional doings by the arresting officer. Did they have real probably cause to pull you over? Did they read you our Miranda rights?

You can also count on their guidance to help you in your case. They have most likely been in court for several hundred or even thousand cases and know exactly what to expect. The plea bargain is one of the things that they know about and will know exactly what to ask for. That may include probation or community service which is a lot better then possible jail time. They can also help keep your criminal record clean which is very important for a lot of different reasons by itself.

Facing a DUI charge in court can be made a lot easier by hiring a DUI lawyer. If you find yourself facing a charge make sure you keep the above mentioned things in mind when it comes time for you to decide if you want to hire one or not.


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