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How to Manifest Happiness Using the Law of Attraction

August 5th, 2011

One of my star pupils in my Law of Attraction Study Group, a business professional, has a remarkable story. She had never heard of the Law of Attraction until she consented to hear my presentation in her office about a year and a half ago. As she listened, I could see just by her body language that the information resonated with her. She confirmed my impression by saying it made total sense. She then took what I said that day to heart, took my seminar, joined my study group, and started working with the Law on purpose. Her results have been amazing–to say the very least!

She began by making a decision to leave a relationship that had not been working for quite some time. Once she had made up her mind about that, the magic started happening. Why? Because she was happy! In fact, she was beaming! Her good vibes were palpable! And her good vibes created a couple of miracles.

The weekend she listed her home, the agent did not have time to get her Open House information into the paper, so she did not know if she would get any traffic at all. As it turned out, not a single person showed up, but just as the agent was removing the sign, a man stopped his car and asked if he could see the house. He then walked in and bought it–lock, stock and barrel, and by that I mean he not only bought the house, but also all of the furniture, the dishes, cutlery and gardening implements–and for the price she wanted! The agent was astounded–as were other agents who heard the story. The market was very, very slow at the time, and to sell a house on the first day of a listing without advertising is indeed a miracle!

Then, a couple of weeks later, after finding a place she loved and getting an accepted offer, her agent conveyed the message that the owner would like to leave all of the furniture, cutlery etc. behind if she was interested. And of course she was! Saved her all of that time shopping! A happy coincidence–and proof that she was still engaging the power of the Law of Attraction with her positive vibes! My friend is now happily ensconced in her new home and she is continuing to thrive in her new life. She, in fact, has just recently met a man that she is planning to spend the rest of her life with. And yes, he fulfills every single trait she had listed on her ideal relationship list. She now has absolutely everything she has ever wanted for herself.

In less than two years, my friend has changed her life completely, and more importantly, she is happy, happy, happy–and all because she decided to learn how to move her own energy. She decided to study the Law of Attraction. You can do this too! And by this I don’t mean that leaving your current relationship is the answer–that is the last thing I advocate, and indeed, I believe quite the opposite. I believe that any relationship can be improved and resurrected with good intent. What I mean is that you can study the Law and change your life for the better if you so desire, it is your choice.

Study Group in Law School

August 1st, 2011

The book The Paper Chase details how students are able to get by in law school. This can be a major struggle for many students and they found some success studying together. Some of the members of the study group discovered a room where all the professors kept record of their class notes from the different classes they had taught. The human issue is the ethical dilemma of choosing between the right and wrong of an action. This particularly is an interesting occurrence because it parallels the common stereotype of lawyers and how they are supposed to be good at lying and are unethical in general.

Both Hart and Ford had to orchestrate a burglary to recover Professor Kingfield’s notes. This is during the winter and it is when Hart’s obsession with his professor becomes clearly evident. When Hart first learned about the “Treasure Room” he had an insatiable desire to get a look at his professor’s inner thoughts. So Hart and Ford planed out the perfect time to break in and that came when the secretary took a bathroom break in the middle of the night.

They found the right book after minimal effort and “Hart sat on the floor crosslegged, held the book in his lap and started turning the pages. There were dates, just like the dates in his notes and there were headings, just like his. He didn’t read the words; he watched the flow of the pen over the pages. They fell on each other softly, each page knowing the idiosyncrasies of the other.”

This style and layout of the notes had a striking resemblance to Hart’s own and it confirms the parallels between Hart and his role model Professor Kingsfield. They quickly put the book back confirming that they were notes just like either of theirs having not read even a word of their contents. They made the unethical decision to sneak a look at the notes however Osborn craftily portrayed them in a positive light by the way they did not use their unfair advantage to cheat.