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Labor and Employment Law Case Study – Corporations at an Unfair Disadvantage with Unions

September 1st, 2011

It is so unfortunate that we continually attack our greatest companies in the United States. If we want our jobs back we are going to have to stop this, our economy needs a friendly government to business, but not a government that gives out corporate welfare. Likewise the government should support the workingman, regardless of whether they are union or not or if they are white, black, Hispanic, or any other race. But when the government takes sides in labor disputes they do an injustice to all.

A short time ago, there was a very interesting article in Forbes (which originated from the Associated Press) titled “Boeing accused of retaliating against union” which was published on April 20, 2011. And in the lead-in to the story it stated;

“Federal labor regulators are accusing [an airline manufacturer] of putting one of its assembly lines for the new 787 in South Carolina to retaliate against union workers who went on strike in 2008. Most 787s are being assembled in Washington State by members of the IAMAW and the union has claimed that a second assembly line was set up at a non-union plant in North Charleston, S.C.”

Indeed, I find this curious, first it fails to note that South Carolina was severely hit by the recession and has offered all sorts of incentives for corporations to come and build factories, meanwhile there is a ton of labor from the furniture industry as well as highly skilled aviation sector employees there. Remember S. Carolina is also home to Gulfstream which makes the premier corporate jets. So, the state has just about everything that airline manufacturer needs, and a willingness to make concessions to get them there.

Further, I find it interesting that the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers would purposely cause work slowdowns, and strikes at a time when the airline manufacturer is trying to compete in world markets in Washington State, and then claim that the company is retaliating, my gosh, what do you call it when the union does that – a gesture of good faith?

What a complete double-standard indeed and now “Federal Labor Regulators” are investigating? What the heck is going on in this country, when the unions can use extortion tactics and the Federal Government backs them up and leaves our nation’s greatest corporations high-and-dry? No wonder companies are leaving the US – between the unions, lawsuits, and government regulators, why on Earth would any corporation stay in America, and shoot themselves in the foot like that.

And what about the S. Carolina workers, do they not need jobs too? What they are different because they don’t work union? What is the union talking about, I thought all Americans were equal under the law? Is it a racist thing due to the demographic in South Carolina? Shouldn’t the Federal Government protect all workers, those in the union and those who are not? I thought we wanted jobs in this country. The airliner manufacturing company could have easily taken those jobs to China, India, or any other nation and been treated better and made more profit for it. Think about it please.