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Coincidences and the Law of Attraction

August 10th, 2011

Here is a good example of the Law of Attraction in action. It all started the day I finally finished writing my book. As I hit the button and sent the final copy away I said to myself (out loud as a matter of fact), “Now I want a quantum physicist to write me a testimonial,” then I forgot about what I had said until about a day and half later, when I received an email from a man who wanted to join my Law of Attraction Study Group. Yep–you guessed it–he was a quantum physicist from New York who just “happened” to be visiting my small town on the West Coast of Canada, with a view to immigration! He is now back in New York completing the immigration process and reading my book, so he can give me that testimonial that I wanted!

This is a very good story of the Law of Attraction in action and I know that you all have similar stories of your own magical coincidences. The truth is that once one is on the path of studying and using the Law of Attraction on purpose, all manner of magical coincidences start occurring regularly. Another good story comes from an old friend of mine who was visiting me last week. She is a retired teacher, and about ten years or so ago, she and some other educators took some exemplary Grade Twelve students to the South Pole. They were on an icebreaker of course, but they hired an adventure tour company with zodiacs to go out into the waters to get closer views of the penguins etc. My friend became good friends with the young woman who ran that business, and as she arrived at my place she said that she had heard that this same young woman had recently moved to my little town. She also said she wanted to re-connect with her, but she did not know how to reach her, as she did not have her number, and she was not listed in the phone book. She then told me the young woman’s first name, and you guessed it, it just “happened” to be the first name of the young woman directly across the street from me. So we went across the street, knocked on the door, and there she was!

My friend was overwhelmed by the coincidence, but she should not have been, as she has been studying the law for a long time. She said she never gets used to the magic and neither do I, and this is good. It keeps life exciting and truly miraculous. It really is a small miracle that the young woman who ran the adventure tour company in the South Pole lived across the street from me! Young women who have run adventure tour companies in the South Pole are rare. Quantum physicists are also rare. They are certainly not as numerous as nurses, teachers and carpenters, right? One does not meet a quantum physicist everyday of the week! What a magical coincidence!

What magical coincidences have you been noticing lately? Start paying attention to the simplest of events. They could hold the next clue on the path to where you would like to be. Studying the Law of Attraction is about asking for what you want, and then using the power of your thought to attract it. It’s about stepping into the magic of life and observing what unfolds as you go about your day. It’s about learning to stay in the present moment and enjoying life more.

Once you have decided what you want, you will begin to see coincidences and magical miracles unfold regularly. Quantum physicists, South Pole Adventurers, or anything in between. Decide what you want, and depend on the Law of Attraction to deliver, because it will, with great precision just like magic.