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How to Succeed As a First Year Law Student

August 23rd, 2011

If you are already in law school, I’m sure you’ve heard that your first year of law school is the most important year of your legal education. Indeed, your 1L grades may very well determine your career path. For instance, I started law school believing that I would probably end up working for the government. After doing well as 1L, however, my career path completely changed and I now work for an international law firm.

In this article, I am going to outline a few simple steps you can take to succeed as a 1L:

o While reading cases, focus on the big picture. Try to understand why you are reading this case and how it fits into the big picture. You don’t need to worry about every small fact of the case. Just know the main point/principle that comes out of the case and that is what you’re going to need for your final exam.

o Attend every class and take thorough notes. Your professor is the one who is going to prepare the final exam and it is very unlikely that he/she is going to cover some subject in the final that he/she did not cover in class.

o Avoid study groups. Seriously, study groups are a waste of time. Law students, especially 1Ls, love to argue about stupid stuff and many times, study group members end up wasting valuable hours arguing about some stupid principle that may or may not be covered in the exam. Instead, have a couple of reliable friends and when you are having trouble understanding some case on your own, ask your friends or the professor for help.

o Prepare attack outlines. Seriously, do you think you would have the time to memorize that 200-page outline of yours? Try preparing short outlines (25-50 pages) and memorize these outlines like crazy!

o Avoid competing. Seriously, it is not healthy for you. Try to compete with only yourself and keep a positive attitude. Last thing you want is to freak out during an exam because you are so eager to kick everyone’s ass.

This list is not exhaustive and I’m sure what worked for me may not work for everyone. But still, if this helps you out even a little bit, I would consider the 20 minutes it took for me to write this article as time well spent.

Law of Attraction – 3 Ways to Activate Your Manifesting Power

August 15th, 2011

In order to fully get the law of attraction to work for you, there are a few things you must learn and awaken within yourself. You have to activate your mental power in order to fully manifest what you truly want. Your mental power is the key to your manifesting ability and without activating it you will find it very hard to attract what you truly want.

Many people fail to manifest what they want because they simply haven not activated their own creative power. That inner I AM presence that resides in you must be awaken. You have to declare that power by activating it and it will be.

If you find yourself worrying and fearful that what you want to manifest won’t happen then you have not activated your inner power. You can activate your inner power through reading a lot about the power to manifest, being part of a study group and also practicing mental techniques on a consistent basis.

  • The more you read about the power of your mind and the power within you something happens. You impress deeply a new believe into your subconscious mind. As your belief grows into a greater understanding of what you are capable of you will find that your own inner power grows as well.
  • We grow largely based on the company that we keep. When we are in the midst of others who share the same goal to grow this pushes us up in knowledge. We can compare notes and learn from each other. Studying the law of attraction with a group and accelerate your growth.
  • No matter what you read and who you spend time with ultimately you have to practice mental techniques in order to get what you want. The law of attraction help you to manifest what you want based on the development of your own internal power. Without this development of internal mind power your life will remain as it presently is.

Change can only happen by being hungry for it and seeking out all methods and tools to bring you to what you truly want. Don’t sit by ideally with a limited understanding of the law of attraction do all that you can to be aware of what you should do and what you may be doing to block your success.